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In accordance with its principle, one of the main objectives of the Department is to encourage students to carry out research work leading to a Ph.D. degree in Economics. Research students are given personal attention by the members of the staff at all stages of their work. Each research student will be attached to oneof the recognized guides in the faculty who will be designated as the Guiding Teacherand who will be primarily responsible for the completion and submission of the doctoral dissertation of the candidate. In point of fact as well as in principle, however, every teacher in the Department is equally accessible for consultation and advice. Owing to the limited number of seats available, students seeking admission to the Department for the Ph.D. research programme are reminded that they are not entitled to such admission merely because they fulfill the minimum qualifications admissible under the Rules. It is for the faculty of the Department to decide each case on its merit subject to the consent of the Director of the Department and approval of the research proposal of the prospective student by the Research and Recognition Committee (RRC) of the University. Applicants are advised to meet the members of the faculty for personal discussion, which is essential before any case for admission can be approved.

Research Fellowships
The Department awards the following Fellowships so as to encourage research students to carry out full-time doctoral research.

The University has instituted three Fellowships in the Department each of the value of Rs. 5000/- p.m.

The RBI has instituted one Junior Research Fellowship of the value of Rs. 5000/- p.m. under the Monetary

  Economics Unit.

The RBI has instituted one Junior Research Fellowship of the value of Rs. 5000/- p.m. under the Dr.

  Babasaheb Ambedkar Unit in Political Economy.

The Trustees of the Sir Dinshaw Wacha Memorial Endowment have instituted a Research Fellowship of about

  Rs. 4500/- p.m. in any branch of economics.

The Trustees of the Sir Lallubhai Shamaldas Endowment have instituted a Research Grant of about

  Rs. 4500/- p.m. in Agricultural Economics.
The Pandit Bhagwandas Dube and Mrs. Ramdulari Dube Scholarship Trust has instituted one Scholarship of
  the value of Rs. 650/- p.m. under the Agricultural Economics Section.
The Dr. Vibhooti Shukla Chair in Urban Economics and Regional Development has instituted one Research
  Fellowship of the value of Rs. 5000/- p.m.





(Further details regarding admissions, eligibility, and Research Fellowships can be obtained from the Superintendent, Bombay Department of Economics).

"All PhD students of the Department of Economics (Autonomous), University of Mumbai, are requested to additionally submit a soft copy of their dissertation on CD while submitting their thesis to the Department."

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